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Labour Of Love

In Labour of Love on March 5, 2011 at 4:47 pm

Momsie’s gonna teach me my favourite hakka snack food, Hee Pan (喜板) and we will need to get some banana leaves. So I was asking if we should go market and pick some, she laughed.

Most times, they can be substituted with parchment paper. Been told the aroma and taste would not be great. Since there are a few banana trees in momsie’s garden, we use natural then.

It was an opportunity for her to trim off many unruly branches, many were dried up too. Fortunately, there were enough for us to make at least 60 squares for the snack we are making.

There is no shortcut, every piece is wiped and cleaned properly. Momsie would measure them up and block cut them into smaller sheets before cutting them into moderate squares.

Momsie and her sporadic garden. Will take you through her garden and their seasonal blooms. Watch out !!!

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