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Gatherings are a common thing in this family.

Of the 6 siblings; 4 often meet because of their proximity. 2 in Kuala Lumpur and 2 in Sungai Long. Coco, Agnes and Stevie frequently get together for dinners during the weekdays; Chris mostly on Sundays, either in Malacca, perhaps visit each others’ places, a picnics or outings somewhere nearby.

While writing this, the same gang and a few personal friends are over at Hakkamui or Agnes’s place for a BBQ.

My head says, go grab your camera or lots of beautiful moments won’t be captured. The conscience reminds me that my blog on last week’s brunch is going stale.

agnes getting a bite

It is difficult, not to fall in love with her new house. We openly declare it, our weekend holiday retreat. It would spare us the long hours driving out of the city, paying unnecessary money for crabby food just to enjoy a holiday away from home.

Mind you, Agnes home is no ordinary home.

Tucked in an obscure corner, in one of the busiest part of the city, this home is a home away from home.

Once inside, you are transported into another world. The outside, doesn’t matter any more. High ceiling and open interior, old terrazzo, antiques bring you back to the 70s.

chris and mitch gelber

This Sunday brunch, everyone was excited. You see, Agnes wants to overcome her fear of the oven and decided to roast us a chicken. There was already a big village chicken sitting frozen too comfortably in the freezer. Our numbers made it viable to roast and consume. Since the chicken would take a good hour to roast, a simple family snack, Tauhu & Fishball was set aside by the pool. An afternoon by the pool, wading or swimming, can make many hungry Chans.

skinny dip

favorite snack food

Tauhu and Fishball Recipe


Tauhu,/Taukua         4 pieces, cut to bite size, square or triangular

Fishballs                   60 small pieces

Cucumber                  1 or 2

For DIP:-

Choose all your faourite ingredients, buy the fried tauhu that is bitey yet soft to the palate. A walk round the wet market on a busy Sunday can be fun. I love going round to my favourite butcher, he gives me his best cut. Do not be shy to ask around, many aunties and uncles would be eager to offer to give you tips on the best tauhu and fishball stalls in your area.

A small bowl of soya sauce with a tablespoon of black vinegar. Cut chilies are optional. If you are not into soya sauce, a great chili sauce can be used.

hakkamui or agnes chan

The Dai Ka Che of the Chan Clan. Agnes is very hospitable when having guests but totally very private in person. Born 2nd in the family and eldest girl, she always take charge when it comes to the Chan family matters.

Occasionally blogs under her pen name Hakkamui, Agnes is a daughter, sister, mother, aunty and lawyer.

Although younger than I, being Stevie’s wife, a junior …. I am so happy to have her as my Che Che。

the gelbers - coco, sol and mitch

the gelbers are chans too

happy sol

margaux & angie sunning their buns

swimming ala kampong style

chris giving angie - both his hands

stevie and his mac

While everyone is having fun, my poor hubby has got a deadline to meet.

The hour has passed, the aroma of spices are already teasing our noses and I wonder if the roast is ready?

the roast

  1. I was wondering about your husband’s “office” photo on Twitter. Now I know. I want a house like that, even without seeing it. *sigh*

  2. Great post. This Chan and his family, though far away from home, share the same excitement though pix and kind words. thank you, sis.

    • it’s my pleasure fargo, however i need you and shauna to contribute on your family outings, let’s share with the rest to make this blog complete.

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