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HAPPY FAMILY: Fargo & Shauna Chan’s family – part 1 the appetiser

In Happy Chan Family on April 16, 2011 at 7:06 am

fargo chan - hakkachan

Being so far away, obviously Fargo’s family is the one we are missing most.

There’s never a family get together or celebration we do not discussed about how nice it would be if Fargo, Shauna and children were here.

Recently bumped into this cute “Chan Clan” video produced by Shauna, Fargo’s wife. I shall take a short cut to insert this video I borrowed from Shauna’s blog Spirit Suds.

I hope Shauna will co-write with me here on, “What Happen’s On The Other Side of the World?”. Everything that has to do with those hakkachans in Texas, USA.

In the meanwhile, I bet you will enjoy getting acquainted with Fargo, Shauna, Lauren, Sara and little Ian.

No doubt, it’s an old tape. Way back in 2008. So by the time I am done doing the next official posting on them, you will be gasping on how much these kids have grown. The marvel of digital technology, we are able to freeze time and lock them up.

Savour and enjoy life.

Capture every moment.

  1. thank you, sis.

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