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In Labour of Love, Momsie's Garden, What's Blooming on January 24, 2012 at 10:25 pm

While affixing plastic peach blossoms onto her water jasmine plant, Momsie proudly advised me what’s blooming in her sporadic garden.

Then with her chin, she proudly pointed to me a ‘must see’, her prized wild ginger flowers.

I was expecting the magenta button ginger flowers we commonly find decorating in hotel lobbies and spas. But what I saw were two potted plants with very large majestic flaming tangerine petals with a pale, waxy honeycomb centre. They look unreal from a distance.

A few years ago, Agnes brought home a Chinese New Year’s hamper decorated with a few stalks of fresh exotic flowers. Momsie liked the flowers very much and decided to grow them and this is the result from that love-at-first-sight.

Googled but failed to find out it’s name.

Regrettably, I do not know the name of these brightly coloured flowers, but momsie calls them “Japanese Flowers”. There is a 3 feet by 6 feet patch of this flowers right behind our clothes line. They attract many bees, butterflies and dragonflies as they bloom in bursts of vanilla yellow, fuchsia and rosy red.

Lookie here, so pretty are these chillies! I laughed my head off when momsie told me that they were grown from the seeds she had saved from the last batch of dried chillies used for making her sambal.


wild orchids

In Momsie's Garden, What's Blooming on June 12, 2011 at 12:21 am


I first saw this plant as a parasite, residing on the trunk of Momsie’s forty-six year old rambutan tree. Scrawny, yellow and hardly a worthy sight. During the three years that I had been visiting the Chan Clan house at Tanjung Minyak I never saw them bloom.

Momsie is not a keen orchid grower. She has no orchid plants of her own. A decade ago, Dai Lo found them young orchid plants at his shop in Pantai Kundur and brought them home for Momsie.


It is sad to grow orchids and having to wait such a long time to see them bloom.


Last Qing Ming, it suddenly bloomed in vigour. It was a sight of happiness, blossoming cheers and applause.


Hope we do not have to wait till Margaux is sweet 16 when it next bloom.

tiny blooms

In Momsie's Garden, What's Blooming on April 2, 2011 at 3:18 pm

We are home!

So looking forward to this Qing Ming weekend as we will be spending a weekend home, in Malacca. It has been a tremendously nice drive back with the grace of an overcast sky.

Qing Ming is known for its stubborn drizzle, the dampness and rain to remind us of loved ones who have passed on.

There isn’t a raindrop today. Bless.

What welcomes us home is the lone star fruit tree, in full bloom.

Without the tree flowering, she isn’t going to bear you fruits.

Marvellous tree, such tiny little flowers but bears us awesome big golden fruits.

Wonder why so many buds, but not many made it to be fruits.

Don’t lose sight of the small things in life while pursuing the big ambition.


Smell the flowers along the journey.

love is in the air

In Momsie's Garden, What's Blooming on March 12, 2011 at 9:01 pm

Can anyone tell me the name of this plant?

Yes, I am desperate. I am prepared to reward anyone who can come with a name for these beautiful blossoms.

We asked, tweeted and researched the internet but no one has been able to help me identify this pretty blossom. I patiently googled, scanned through all the pink and purple blooms. Night after night, both eyes gone blurry screening rows and rows of digital images of pink and purple blooms. I was hopeful when I saw a few posted on Flickr, however they were just tagged as “lilac blooms”.

Closest I got, the “syringa” – lilac or common lilac. Somehow the floral petals are so different from the ones here. I presumed those from our garden come from this same family.

I find it difficult to start on this blog, all because I cannot address it.

Anyway, I decided to address her as lilac blooms; and lilac means love. How romantic.

Recently, in mid February, mid of our Lunar New Year Celebration, our lilac was flourishing loudly to blend into the spring festivities.

Momsie asked if I had noticed that her lilac is in full bloom. She knows these lilacs in her garden has a very significant place in my heart.

We have a story about how a son borrowed some lilacs from his momsie’s garden, went down on his knees and made a formal proposal of marriage .

Lilac is about love, mind you.

13th DECEMBER 2009

It was a hot Sunday. Sundays are always hot. In Tanjong Minyak, Momsie’s home, it feels even hotter.

That day, our little princess turned 5. I was busy helping Agnes with Margaux’s birthday cake, candles, presents and what not. Sharen and Soon were so sweet, they brought along presents for the birthday girl and her best friend and also cousin, Tic Toc Chan. Soon, all friends and relatives were gathered at the patio. The party begun.

In any family festivities, I am the official photographer. Whether with my favourite G10 or iPhone, I happily shoot. A very large collection has been amassed these last 3 years; a treasure chest for me to dig in and write about our Chan family.

I happened to capture this, one of my favourite and made cover for our wedding invitation card.

Not suspecting anything because I know Stevie adores Margaux very much. Plucking flowers for his princess is a normal thing. Very often, he plucks wild flowers from outside her school compound, ready to greet her when he fetches her from school.

The lilacs were for me!

I blushed. Can you see the flush on my face?

Teary and pleasantly shocked. First time ever in my life, a guy went down on his knees and proposed for my hands.

Of course, I said “YES”.