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chan clan

This ‘poem’ is taken from the teachings of Chen Zi, a student of Confucius. It has been modified over the years; the most recent of which is the addition of the last four “five-character” lines, added in 1948 presumable after the founding of the Republic of China.

The poem reads from top to bottom, right to left. The literal meaning of the right head-ing is:

“CHEN assigned name words”

i.e for the CHEN families, the poem for the assigned names.

The CHEN family poem:

Hakka                           Mean-ing

Fen woon gin son yen            Seek out knowledge from all over.

Hin yeuk chou gee gong          Expand, develop and pass on all 
                                important knowledge.

Sow hen kin fan seung           Get together, multiply and celebrate 
                                all good fortunes.

Lin det wee seun yeu            Hand down the good teachings of your 

Kin jow nyam hen young          Aim high, and control your own destiny.

Din sim hoi gok yeun            Defend and maintain the family honour 
                                and reputation.

Het fook jen gaa sang           Don't dishonour your name.

Gen tow soon on tin             For security, build on a solid 

Fan soo sow yee seung           Strive to reform or build on the 

Yee mun fon gin sui             Use your good fortune and education 
                                to benefit your family.

Yeun syack say see chong        Everlasting prosperity for all 
  1. this is so cool!!

  2. LIKE ! authentic ! hahaha. the traditions stay and will always be there. :) P/S : im not hakka, but to maintain these poetry, i salute.

    • it is a fun journey my dear, i am learning all the time ….. glad you like what you have been reading so far, more to come lol

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