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Sweet Potato Barley Soup

In Dessert on February 26, 2011 at 3:48 pm

Having an afternoon dessert soup, herbal tea with an occasional snack is a norm. With the children and grandchildren back from the shop and schools respectively; momsie is happy to serve. This afternoon is not an exception.

We were seated at the table in the patio overlooking a small green patch leading out to momsie’s queer haphazard garden. Margaux and Tic Toc rode wheels and played adventure “make-believe” characters.

Momsie asked if i had liked a sweet potato barley soup. I never tried this combination. Always just singularly barley or sweet potato.

I find it very creative. Most times, if you cooked them singularly you will find that the barley and sweet potatoes be left behind uneaten on a bowl. However, when combined every mouth bite of sweet potatoes with a hint of barley refreshing.

I am very keen on sweet dessert soup and hubby is not. So we share very differing opinion on this dessert served this afternoon.

Honestly, I find it an economical way to dish out a brightly coloured dessert for the whole family to enjoy.

INGREDIENTS for 6 – 8 persons:-

200 gm       sweet potatoes, diced up to biteful size

50  gm        white barley

1.2 litre       water

2 pcs           pandan or screwpine leaves

Boil everything together in medium heat for 15/20 minutes, add diced sweet potatoes and boil another 10 minutes. Add sugar to desired sweetness.